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peacefulfish works with a variety of partners and clients, including cultural and creative SMEs, entrepreneurs, investors and public stakeholders, such as innovative regions and cities and EU institutions. Peacefulfish can draw on a considerable network of contacts in all areas of the media- and entertainment sector with an industry-wide network of more than 7,400+ active members.  



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Media Deals

Media Deals is a pan-European network bringing together private investors and innovative entrepreneurs operating in the media field (film, TV, mobile, music, video games, digital distribution).



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Just Temptation
Just Temptation is a fast-growing pan-European film music company based in Berlin, which provides independent European producers and directors with original music funding, comprehensive support and a full range of film music services.

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Ad Astra Films

Ad Astra Films is a production company based in Cannes, France. It is one of the most recognised international short film distributors and a major regional player for film productions.