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Research with an impact 

peacefulfish offers research & policy advice to advance key issues in the culture-, creative- and audiovisual sector across Europe and internationally.

Our research delivers: 

  • Excellence: our research delivers expert-knowledge and specialisation in a wide range of themes at the heart of creativity, culture- and creative businesses, innovation policy, access to finance and financing tools;
  • Impact: our research is “aimed-at-impact”, we offer advice and concrete recommendations; based on our practical expertise our research will make a difference;
  • Transversal and cross-cutting approaches;
  • Sound quantitatively and qualitatively methodologies;
  • The broad picture: drawing on our extensive European network, we can source on a pool of industry insight to ensure the comprehensiveness of our research;
  • A wide range of tools: feasibility studies, impact studies and evaluations, policy papers, recommendations, comparative analysis, market analysis, bench-marking etc.

Research & Studies

  • Field Study on the involvement of European private equity actors in Europe’s creative industry 'C-I Factor' (2012), part of the European Creative Industry Alliance;
  • Challenges of the digital era for film heritage institutions (2011), for the European Commission, DG CONNECT (former DG INFSO);
  • “Study on the Positioning of the Media Region Frankfurt – Rhein/Main” (2011), commissioned by the State Media Authority of Hesse (LPR); 

  •  “Feasibility Report on a Creative Industries Incubator in Jordan” (2010), commissioned by the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN) and the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO); 

  • Study on the Role of Banks in the European Film Industry (2009), for the European Commission MEDIA programme;
  •  “Filmland Saarland - Strategy for an international Positioning” (2009), commissioned by the State Media Authority Saarland (LMS); 

  • Study on the role of SMEs and European audiovisual works in the context of the fast changing and converging home entertainment sector (2008) for DG EAC;
  • „Analysis and Recommendations for an International Positioning of the Catalan Film Industry“ (2008), commissioned by the Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries (ICIC); 

  • Report on the Digital Cinema Experience (2007) in cooperation with the Lapland Centre of Expertise for the Experience Industry;
  • Getting into Mobile TV and Video: Financing, producing and distributing TV and video content (2006) in cooperation with Informa Telecoms & Media.
  •  “Evaluating Dubai Studio City’s service offer to international filmmakers” (2006), Benchmark Study commissioned by Tecom Investment