peacefulfish - consultancy for financing the creative industries
European Creative Industries Alliance

peacefulfish provided strategic advice to the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC), who coordinated the Access To Finance Working Group within the European Creative Industries Alliance’s Policy Learning Platform (ECIAP). Furthermore, peacefulfish provided the Working Group's steering committee with a positioning paper and participated in discussions that led to a benchmarking impact assessment study. This was based on an online survey about existing financing tools for the Cultural & Creative Industries. The results of the impact assessment provided the basis for a set of recommendations for financing the Cultural & Creative Industries that were made available to ECIAP in March 2014.

@diversity - innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in europe

A pilot project for the Directorate General For Education And Culture of the European Commission, @Diversity is managed by a consortium led by peacefulfish and including Kennisland and MFG. The project is designed to select, train, and promote European entrepreneurs whose ideas make innovative use of ICT-based technologies to create, make accessible, spread, and/or finance cultural products. Twelve ideas were selected as the result of a competition that was launched in May 2013, with the selected entrepreneurs being announced at a high-profile event held during the European Culture Forum in Brussels in November 2013. Following their selection, the entrepreneurs receive further training through the framework of @Diversity on topics including legal issues, business modeling, technology, access to finance, marketing, and networking with the aim being to attract financing for the idea and transform it into a sustainable project, product, or service that enriches Europe‘s cultural landscape and strengthens its cultural and creative sectors for the future.  

C-I Factor Study: Equity Investors and the creative industries

Focused on the key challenges, both real and perceived, for equity investors to invest in the creative industries in Europe, this study was prepared by peacefulfish for the ST'ART Investment Fund, the European Design Centre, Cultuur-Ondernemen, and Angel Capital Innovations. An analysis of investors’ perceptions about financing the creative industries was conducted with an emphasis on mapping the obstacles that exist and defining what type of financial infrastructure is needed to enhance investment activity. Through interviews with a range of investors, the study explored on the supply side (i.e. the sources of equity) and their requirements while also keeping in mind the demand side (i.e. the small and medium-sized creative enterprises that require investment in order to thrive) as a context for formulating a set of conclusions and recommendations. 

Daefh - Challenges of the Digital Era for Film Heritage Institutions (2012)

Prepared for the European Commission, this study on the challenges and opportunities of the digital era for film heritage institutions was conducted by peacefulfish with subcontracting partners including Red Cat Technologies, the University of Helsinki/IPR University Center, and external expert Nicola Mazzanti. Through an analysis of what film heritage institutions face in relation to the collection, storage, and long-term preservation of digital film material as well as the digital restoration, digitization, and access to collections as a result of the advent of new technologies, a working draft of this study formulated. This draft was then presented and discussed by film archivists, technologists, and representatives from the European film industry during a workshop in Brussels in September 2011 before the final draft of the study was completed.   

Study on Business Incubator Creation for JEDCO

The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) along with the European Business and Innovation Centre (EBN) and with the support of the SRTD (an EU-funded programme) collaborated with peacefulfish to prepare a feasibility study on the creation of a business incubator for creative industries companies in Jordan. Key topics investigated by the study included the overall growth potential of the creative industries as well as ways of introducing entrepreneurship in the sector.

Study on Public Funding for Creative Industries Companies


The Cap Digital competitiveness cluster is the digital hub of the Ile de France region and, as a means to support the economic dynamics of the cluster, a benchmarking study was initiated as the basis for the creation of an investment structure that could finance companies and promising projects from the cluster. Carried out by peacefulfish in partnership with Media Deals, the benchmarking study provided an in-depth look at how public funds invest in early-stage digital media/creative industries companies in the United Kingdom and Germany. Specifically, a comparative analysis was conducted of public investment funds in Greater London (Greater London Authority) and Berlin (Land Berlin) as both cities have established funds to support business creation in the digital media/creative industries sector. The result was not only a set of recommendations on how to set up and implement such a public fund in Paris but also the organization of a coaching event to exchange know-how and strengthen the collaboration between Paris and Berlin at an institutional level.  

Positioning Study for the Media Region Frankfurt/ Rhine-Main State Media Authority Hessen

The Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region is one of Europe’s economic hubs, however this has not led it to become one of the leading media regions in Europe. This positioning study analyzed why this is the case as well as developed the basis for a strategic location profile that could be implemented by the region in order to raise awareness about its focus on media and the creative industries as well as attract investment in this sector to the region in the medium term. Based on existing data and complemented by interviews and roundtable discussions with stakeholders, the study assessed the existing economic potential of the creative industries in Frankfurt/Rhine-Main, evaluating the performance of the region in comparison with other strong international media regions that manage to benefit from their creative industries as a result of innovative positioning, clustering, and financing models

Study on Home Entertainment, Digital Convergence and SME

An in-depth study on the fast-changing home entertainment sector (Pay TV, Video-On-Demand, DVD, Video Games, Internet, etc.) and the impact of digital convergence on Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and the audiovisual works that they produce. Data from 31 MEDIA member countries (27 EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland) was analyzed, focusing on what types of audiovisual works are consumed in the home, how they are consumed, etc. The aim of the study was to identify the challenges and opportunities facing the European
home entertainment sector as a whole and to make recommendations to the MEDIA Programme about how they can best assist SMEs in Europe to adapt to and benefit from digital convergence in this sector.

Ready 2 invest and Ready 4 growth (R4G) - seminars

The Ready 4 Growth seminar series are peacefulfish\'s tailored seminars to increase the possibilities of small enterprises in the media sector to access finance for their activities and for private investors interest in expanding their media portfolio. 

Study on the Role of SMEs and European Audiovisual works in the Home Entertainment Sector (2008)

The study focuses on home entertainment, which is any type of consumption of audiovisual works outside of dedicated places such as a cinemas. The analysis is based on a segmentation of the home entertainment market according to five content platforms: linear TV platforms, home video, VOD, games, mobile content. The scope of this study includes all 31 member countries of the MEDIA Programme (27 EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

Singapore meets Europe Mentorship Program

Aiming to stimulate the internationalization of Singaporean creative content companies, Singapore’s Media Development Authority commissioned peacefulfish to create a mentorship program entitled Singapore Meets Europe. The program was divided into 3 phases: a 2-day conference held in Singapore that was open to all local content companies and consisted of expert presentations and a workshop about European models for producing audiovisual content across multiple platforms. The second phase was a non-public workshop for selected Singaporean content producers, offering them one-on-one coaching focused on their individual project pitches in preparation for phase three of the mentorship program. Phase three was a pitching session held in Spain during which the Singaporean content companies pitched their projects to potential Spanish partners.